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Avant Garde  

This sleek cubicle system seems to defy gravity, with a stylish yet robust head rail system that allows the pilasters and panels to be suspended without requiring pedestal support from beneath.

The result is a floating style that appears to hover above the floor. Sophistication meets function in this unique head rail system that is solidly-braced and ultra-refined.


Our Avant Garde Cubicles are constructed of 13 mm thick High Pressure Laminate Compact (HPL), which is anti-microbial, non-porous, water resistant, impact and scratch resistant and available in a range of standard and custom colors.

Flush Finish
Self-Closing Doors

All of our self-closing doors have a completely flush, rebated finish for zero sightlines.


Occupancy latch with an emergency unlatching device shows when cubicles are occupied.


All edges are beveled and have an engineered polished black finish.

ASI Alpaco reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.